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How can I use a Taunton Lift?

A Taunton lift provides a practical solution for moving yourself or heavy items from one level of your home to another.

Am I restricted in where I can install my Taunton lift?

Due to the self-supporting structure of the Taunton Lift, you are free to install it pretty much anywhere within your home to allow easy access from a ground floor living area directly into a bedroom or upper hall space.

Do I need a survey of my home?

All Liberation Lift installations are subject to an initial free of charge no obligations site survey. These are carried out by our experienced installers and will determine the viability of the installation.

What building works are required?

Prior to installation an aperture must be created through which the lift will pass. You are free to use your own builder to create this or alternatively we can recommend a builder in your location to carry out the work for you. On confirmation of your order, we will supply your chosen building contractor full specification of the aperture along with a template to ensure the aperture is accurately prepared.

Will I need to upgrade the electricity supply in my home?

Your Taunton can be plugged directly into a standard 13amp socket. With all the cabling discreetly concealed within the supporting profiles.

How long does the lift installation take?

Our lift installers work in a team of two, most installations are done within a day.

Are Liberation Lifts covered by a Warranty?

All Liberation Lifts are covered by an extendable two-year parts and labour warranty.

How often does my Taunton Lift need to be serviced?

Unlike other lifts the Taunton’s servicing is linked to usage and not a fixed timeframe thus eliminating unnecessary servicing and cost to you. Our standard service interval is every 3000 journeys. The onboard Smart Screen records and displays your usage and notifies you as you are approaching a service.

Where are Taunton Lifts made?

Taunton Lifts are designed and made in Taunton.

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